Someth Victory

Ruby, Rails, and Javascript Developer

Leaving Yoolk Inc.

It has been more than 5 years that I had been working at Yoolk, and today is my last day here. Time seemed to fly so fast, that I couldn’t remember everything. What I never forget from Yoolk is the best time we had with best people there. Developers at Yoolk are very skillful and talented. They are very helpful and friendly. Yoolk itself is one of the best Tech Companies in Cambodia I could say. It’s using as well as contributing to latest open source technologies from the community. Yoolk got a very good design principle in software development following by best practises with OOdesign, Design Pattern, TDD/BDD, etc…

Yoolk had provided me very good opportunities to grow my professional skill from very ground floor position. I did learn a lot while working there. People at Yoolk not only provided me chances to improve my skills, but gave me very good time to enjoy as well. They are not only colleagues, but good friends as well. Really thanks you guys!

My feeling is very tough inside actually. Yoolkers just celebrate my birthday today without letting me know in advance while it’s 2 days late from my real birth date which is surprised me very much. Imaging when everyone coming to you, shaking your hand, saying ‘Happy Birthday to you’ and ‘Goodbye!’ at the same time. What I could do is just to smile back to them while my feeling was very tense inside. I could see their sadness just as mine as well. I’m sorry guys to bring this feeling to you all :(

Actually, leaving Yoolk is the hardest decision I have ever made. It is the most frustrated time I would say, maybe because Yoolk is my first company I worked for and I’d been there for quite a long time. My feeling is very tough. But nothing remains the same. Life is about moving forward I left Yoolk in order to find a futher improvement, opportunity, and explore a new world.